"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."  —Andrew T. Still, MD, DO

"As a family physician, my job is listening to people's stories."
—Jon S. Hallberg, MD


Alumni Profiles

To read the profiles of several Cal Poly graduates currently enrolled in health professional schools or actively practicing in their field, visit the "Alumni Profile" section of our pre-health blog!

"I already graduated from Cal Poly. Am I still able to meet with a pre-health advisor? 

Yes! Any Cal Poly alumni that would like assistance with the application process and/or their personal statement are welcome and encouraged to meet with one of our pre-health staff advisors. You can schedule an appointment to meet with a specific advisor or the next available advisor here
If you are an alum and have just recently decided to pursue a career in healthcare, feel free to drop in with one of our pre-health peer advisors to discuss your options for completing the prerequisite coursework and how you can meet the various requirements for admission to a health professional program. Click here to view their weekly drop-in hours and/or to sign in to their virtual Zoom waiting room. We would also encourage you to read our response to "I'm getting close to graduation (or I already graduated) and I just decided that I want to be pre-health. Now what?" below.

"I'm getting close to graduation (or I already graduated) and I just decided that I want to be pre-health. Now what?"

For students who decide later on in their academic careers (late in their third year or during their fourth year) to pursue a career in healthcare, the best course of action is usually for them to complete their undergraduate degree and then enroll in a post-baccalaureate program. Post-baccalaureate or "post-bacc" programs allow students to complete the necessary prerequisite courses if they haven't already, and often assist students in preparing for both the admissions test (if required) and the application process. To learn more about post-baccalaureate programs and the various types, click here to read our "Overview of Post-baccalaureate Programs" article on the Cal Poly Pre-Health Blog.

If you have any other questions about post-bacc programs or your unique situation, please feel free to stop by our office (Bldg. 53, room 211) during pre-health peer advising drop-in hours, or to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. (*Please note that these services are currently being offered virtually due to COVID-19. Visit the Contact Us page for more information on how to meet with an advisor.)


"I applied to health professional school and I got in! Now what?"

Congratulations! After taking the time to celebrate your accomplishment and all of your hard work, feel free to reach out to our advising office and let us know! We're always excited to hear about the success of our students and recent graduates. If you're willing to share any information about your experience with the application and interview processes, please email prehealth@calpoly.edu with your name, graduation year, college major, and health career, and we will send you a questionnaire for you to complete at your convenience. This information is a great resource for current undergraduate students who are interested in the same health profession, as they can get a glimpse into what they should expect when the time comes for them to apply.

"I applied to health professional school but I didn't get in. Now what?"

See our Applying webpage for an outline of how to bounce back from rejection, and ways to enrich your application for the next cycle. 

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