"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."  —Andrew T. Still, MD, DO

"As a family physician, my job is listening to people's stories."
—Jon S. Hallberg, MD

Courses Offered

With the exceptions of BIO 253 (Health Professions Shadowing) and BIO 301 (Service Learning in the Health Professions), these courses will not be offered again until Fall 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

SCM 101 Introduction to Health Profession Careers

This course is designed to expose you to a variety of health-related careers. Professionals from within the health field are invited to speak in this class to give you more of a realistic view of what is entailed in a day in the life of their respective health professions field. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn to examine your own career choice, learn about the pre-professional health school admission process through required readings and assignments. Emphasis will be placed on creating a pre-health plan that demonstrates knowledge of the appropriate academic course selection, how and when to obtain appropriate experiences/activities, and the elements needed for a strong application. 
  • Intended for freshmen and sophomore students or students or students who are exploring or undecided about health career options.
  • Credit/No Credit, 1 unit
  • Next offered TBD

BIO 253 Health Professions Shadowing

This course includes observation/shadowing experience in local clinics. It is intended for 2nd year and above students with a demonstrated interest in a health career. Students must shadow for 21 hours in order to receive credit. Enrollment is by application and instructor permission only.
  • Credit/No Credit, 1 unit.
  • Typically offered twice/year
  • Next offered Spring 2022 (tentatively)

Bio 301 Service Learning in the Health Professions

This class meets weekly, in addition to placing students in a service-learning position in the local community. During class lecture time, students will participate in related class discussions based on the assigned readings. Some topics include cultural competency of healthcare providers, the social determinants of health, unconscious bias, intersectionality, the ethics and safety of undergraduate volunteers in health care settings, how to determine the needs of diverse communities, and the delivery of appropriate health care. Students will also actively reflect on their own service experiences in a weekly journal.
  • Prerequisites: Bio 161 or Mcro 221 or Mcro 224; Completion of GE Area A with a grade of C- or better; GE Area D3; and consent of instructor.
  • Graded, 3 units
  • Intended for students with an interest in service and/or the health professions. Priority enrollment given to Bio majors/minors.
  • Next offered Winter 2022 (tentatively); Contact Dr. Candace Winstead (cwinstea@calpoly.edu) for more information. 

SCM 301 Professional School Preparation for Health Profession Careers

This course is geared for students getting ready to apply to graduate school in health professions. Application/applicant profile assessment, personal statement development, selection of schools. Must be 3rd year or higher with at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Credit/No Credit, 1 unit
  • Next offered TBD

SCM 363 Public Health Fieldwork

Designed for students who are interested in exploring the field of Public Health. This internship provides structured experiences at the County Health Agency.
  • Credit/No Credit, 2 units 
  • Applications should be submitted to the College of Science and Mathematics Advising Center in Bldg. 53, Room 211 by the deadline for the term you wish to enroll in:
    • NOTE: SCM 363 will not be offered until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Fall Quarter - May 1
Winter Quarter - November 1
Spring Quarter - March 1
No summer internship available

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