"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."  —Andrew T. Still, MD, DO

"As a family physician, my job is listening to people's stories."
—Jon S. Hallberg, MD

About Us

Pre-Health Career Advising is for all matriculated Cal Poly students and alumni who are pursuing or applying to graduate programs in the health professions. These include: medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, chiropractic, podiatry, clinical lab science, genetic counseling, and public health. We see students regardless of major, provided they have this goal. ​

Peer Advisors​

The three peer advisors are current upper-division students currently in the process of working towards their health professional school goals. First and second-year students, as well as those who have just decided that they plan to pursue a career in healthcare, should meet with the peer advisors during their drop-in hours in fall, winter, and spring quarters. 

Claire DaValle

Alyssa Pama

Yasmina Yerima
Biomedical Engineering

Pre-Health Canvas

For current Cal Poly students, the Pre-Health Advisors maintain a Canvas webpage which contains many additional resources to this website, including presentations, handouts, sample personal statements, and interview feedback. To sign up for access to the Pre-Health Canvas page, please email prehealth@calpoly.edu with your Cal Poly email address. Once enrolled, you can access the page via your Canvas Dashboard. 

Staff Advisors​

Staff Advisors are available to students when they reach the point of being ready to apply. This typically refers to third-year, fourth-year, or alumni students who have completed the pre-requisite coursework, accumulated a resume of experiences, taken their entrance exam, and have already met with a peer advisor. Staff advisors can help you assess how competitive of an applicant you are and make recommendations for proceeding. To schedule an appointment with a staff advisor, you can click on their photo below or click here to schedule with the next available advisor.


Academic and Pre-Health Advisors

Kristi Weddige

Anya Bergman

Laura Wilson


Shonna Davis


Annastatius Olson



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