"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."  —Andrew T. Still, MD, DO

"As a family physician, my job is listening to people's stories."
—Jon S. Hallberg, MD


Importance of Exploring Careers​

While you may feel 100% sure of your career choice, college is a time for exploration and developing not only a greater understanding of your prospective career choice, but also a greater understanding of yourself. The website Explore Health Careers is a great resource to learn about various healthcare careers, as well as our career profiles listed on the right sidebar. Additionally, self-reflective questions, an introductory class and shadowing professionals are great ways to explore yourself and possible career options, as they may change during your time as an undergraduate!

Reflective Questions to Ask yourself​

Asking yourself these questions is an important step in determining if a career in healthcare, and which health career, is a right fit for you.​

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Enroll in SCM 101—Introduction to the Health Professions​

This course examines a variety of careers in healthcare, along with an understanding of the process to plan and apply for programs in the future. Regular guest speakers from various health careers will come to discuss their career field and individual path. Course is offered spring quarters.

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Shadowing and Informational Interviewing​

Shadowing professionals and doing informational interviewing is a great way to learn more about prospective careers. The more professionals you can talk to, the better. It’s great to get a balance of talking to both new and seasoned professionals, professionals who work in different settings (ie hospital, clinic, private practice), and professionals who are both satisfied and dissatisfied with their career choice. Listening objectively to all these perspectives will help you to better understand your fit within various fields! Read more to learn about how to conduct an informational interview on page two of the PDF.

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